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Your recruitment success

Assessment Centers for internal or external candidates

Cohérences and your recruitment efforts

Establishing a new professional relationship with a colleague is a fantastic adventure.

An adventure which entails definite risks for all the participants …

  • Are the different parties all on the same wavelength?
  • Does the candidate have the required and advertised capacities? In a real, concrete situation how does s/he behave?
  • Will the new environment be conducive to the full expression of their capacities? One can be an excellent musician and not be playing in an orchestra suited to one’s style.

Instead of rushing into a stormy adventure, it is useful to first promptly check if the departure conditions are indeed optimal.

Cohérences can organize Assessment Centers for internal and external candidates, putting them in real situations and ensuring, together with you and completely objectively, that all of the elements conducive to success are present.

Long years of experience in coaching and recruitement of sales forces and other employees or workers allows us to offer you a quality service, tailored to your needs.

A real opportunity to save a lot of time and money.

In a beautifully simple way.

Do you have recruitment projects?
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Dès la première séance, nous avons senti l’efficacité de l’approche. Des candidats qui sur papier paraissaient quelconques ont en fait  révélé un réel potentiel. De plus, l’organisation des Assessments par Cohérences en nos locaux  nous a permis de rencontrer les candidats dans les meilleures conditions.

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Cela fait plusieurs années que nous avons recours aux Assessment réalisé par Cohérences. Nous n’envisageons plus d’engagement à une fonction de vente sans passer par cette étape. Les résultats sont là.

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