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Mystery Shopping

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An instant insight into the quality of the service you offer your clients.

Our vision of mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is a worldwide practice dating back more than 60 years. A client makes a purchase or asks for an offer without the provider’s prior knowledge.

Innovative in it’s approach and driven by it’s desire to educate and accept results, Cohérences sends surveys to audited parties in advance.

Sticking to the facts observed, the Mystery Shopper relates all of the different aspects of his visit through a tailored survey.

At Cohérences, each and every one of us is mindful of the quality of each step in a campaign. Quality is the cornerstone on which every level of our service is based.

The survey drafted identifies and organizes all of the points to be assessed, as well as the choice and format of responses which often include verbatim statements. This reporting is crucial to inform the trainers and show-cast the reality of your company to your teams.

Each report is vetted by two separate auditors. They are tasked with checking the consistency of responses as well as the quality of word use and the neutrality of comments of which they are comprised.

Quality is an intrinsic component of our working methodology.

What can Mystery Shopping yield in terms of concrete results for your business?

Mystery Shopping will give you an instant look at the quality of the service you offer your clients.

One or more anonymous visits to one of your sales outlets are carried out by a client. The Cohérences Mystery Shopper is trained to observe and relate his experience objectively.

All of the aspects of the client’s experience can be recorded through Mystery Shopping. For instance, you can monitor phone and physical reception, adherence to hygiene regulations or the professional attitude of your associates. We can also measure response time and quality of email responses etc…

The visitation reports can then be used to organize targeted trainings for particular associates.

Our human resources

  • A leadership team

    People oriented, determined and entirely focused on service quality.

  • A team of 10 managers

    All industry professionals who form and train their teams on a day to day basis, through classroom or computer based trainings.

  • Project ,Team and Quality Manager

    The division of tasks and responsibilities is clearly identified on all levels for optimal efficiency.

  • 15 Auditors

    Our best Mystery Shoppers receive complementary trainings adapted to the industry before taking on more complex assignments.

  • 1200 mystery shoppers

    From all walks of life, they carry out specific tasks and keep a fresh eye on your world.

    Able to respond within just a few hours, individually trained, they are tasked with reporting precisely what they observed.

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Who are our Mystery Shoppers?

All of the Mystery Shoppers at Cohérences are trained. During this training, our Team Manages insist on the adherence to Cohérences’ company values. They are further trained on notions of active listening and objectivity. Furthermore they are also trained on all of the quality assurance processes put in place. Finally they also receive a training on how to use the software we put at their disposal.

Want to become a Mystery Shopper?


Nous faisons appel à Cohérences plusieurs fois par an pour mesurer la performance de notre réseau. Cette approche nous permet de visualiser l’évolution de chaque point de vente.

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Les verbatim qui accompagnent les rapports de Cohérences donnent des détails précieux concernant le déroulement de la visite. Ils permettent d’objectiver la réponse lors de l’évaluation face to face avec les acteurs de terrain.

Nom du témoinFonction du témoin | nom société

Our tool: Xplain

xplain: mystery shopping tool
xplain: mystery shopping tool
xplain: mystery shopping tool

All of our campaigns are managed through X-Plain our online tool.

X-plain allows all of the parties involved to accomplish the tasks required in the best possible conditions. It also allows clients to observe their campaign’s results in real time.

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