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Controlling your objectives

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Your coaching at Cohérences

Since the 1950’s, the objective of coaching has been to help people enhance their performance or help them define or achieve goals they set or that were set for them.

In the area of sports coaching, powerful ways to obtain particularly impressive results were immediately devised.

The area of business coaching also found an effective way, simple and direct to enhance workforces.

Through repeated feedback, several of the authors among the founders of the tool have rethought their approach to coaching in order to make it into a self and a team development tool, in order to, for example, to prepare a meeting or a negotiation.


Cohérences takes on coaching through a vision catering to human respect and a firm establishment of objectives. In any situation, we urge our client to first define the scope of their question in order for them to take charge of their destiny, improve what they do and work towards smooth and long term resolution of undesirable situations.

Profiting from tools issued from NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), brief systemic psychotherapy and transactional analysis, we invite the person to frame their situation, define an objective and set up processes conductive to change.

Oriented towards being rather than doing, based on humanist principles and being sure to define the scope of each meeting, we offer a kind ear.

Do you have coaching projects ? Let’s talk about them!


Le coaching ne faisait pas partie de nos expériences. Nous avons décidé de l’expérimenter en complément à nos formations. En agissant ponctuellement, il a permis de débloquer à moindre coûts et rapidement des situations qui en d’autres circonstances auraient entrainé des conflits. Nous sommes enchantés, et nous continuons.   Et comme la mission du coach est orientée-résultat et résultat rapide, nous savons vers où nous allons !

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Lorsque l’on m’a proposé un coaching, j’étais perplexe.  Je ne voyais pas comment débloquer la situation avec mon entourage ! Pourtant dès la première rencontre avec le coach, j’ai senti que j’ouvrais des voies que je n’avais pas imaginées jusqu’à ce jour. Je reste moi et je suis meilleur car je sais comment atteindre ma réussite.

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