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Xplain, the integrated Mystery shopping campaign creation and follow-up tool

All of the steps to be followed during a Mystery Shopping campaign are managed through our dedicated software: “Xplain”

Available online, this system covers all of the aspects of a Mystery Shopping campaign. It is used right from the start during the creation of the survey and then allows for management and planning of visits.

All of the people involved in Mystery Shopping for our clients use this system to consult the results of each visit. Each type of user has specific rights and can only access information necessary to the successful completion of their tasks.

xplain: mystery shopping tool
xplain: mystery shopping tool
  • A close-up look at your network

    Cohérences takes as much or as little time as you want them to take for the preparation of each campaign. This initial effort allows for a smoother implementation of the campaign. It allows for effective planing, the list of locations are input into Xplain, their addresses and names obviously, but also their opening hours, days off and the people to observe.

  • Advanced survey creation features

    Drafting the survey is an essential step to ensuring you get full value out of your campaign, it will determine the assessment you will make of your network. Xplain offers a large palette of functions relating to question creation: MCQs, free text, comments, external document attachments, photos, scans of documents, audio recording clips : the possibilities are endless.

  • All of your campaign’s results in real time

    Forwarding of results is, in our eyes, a crucial component. Xplain incorporates numerous functions allowing you to visualize and export your campaign’s results.

    For each visit you will have access to a screen allowing you to read the report. You can also download each report in PDF format. Xplain constantly informs you on new reports added into the system, and you can even choose to receive them directly by email in PDF format: a real time-saver!

    The data for each campaign is visible in chart form. You can compare your retail outlets to each other, or extrapolate all of the useful stats for each retail outlet, for each zone, region or even on a national level.

    That’s not all. Xplain puts the entirety of this data at your disposal in Excel format; this is your opportunity to create reports tailored to your specific needs.

  • A secure and accessible solution, wherever you are

    Xplain is available online. However, your data is protected, our IT team has taken the necessary precautions so that access to your data is restricted to authorized persons only. Nonetheless, you can easily access your data without needing to install anything on your computer. And as a campaign manager, you can decide what access you decide to grant each user type you’ll have created.

Quand nos client parlent d’Xplain

Xplain  nous donne accès en temps réel aux données générées par les visites ; c’est un gain appréciable pour la qualité du suivi de notre réseau.

Jean DelarueGeneral manager | Ma société

Les différentes fonctions d’export des données permettent à tous nos utilisateurs d’exploiter les données des visites, chacun dans leur domaine de compétence.

Silvie JansensPorduct Manager | Nom de la société

The integrated tool for the creation and follow up of your Mystery shopping campaigns

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